Nov 8, 2017

Dresslily : les accessoires

The Halloween period being behind us, I come back with the second part of my first experience at DressLily's asian boutique. (First, second, second, first ... are you still following? XD)

Anyway! After testing clothes, wich I was quite satisfied with (My detailed review here), I'll talk about the accessories.
QAs I had to discover the shop and make a partnership, I made sure to select various products and products that look like me. As if I had decided to place an order on their website by myself.

EAnd here are my latest finds at DressLily :-)

This bag is the perfect example to illustrate what I told you above: choose products that look like me! After the clock bag, the 50s radio bag, the hippie guitar bag and the bling-bling fish bag, here is the crab bag! :D

It was my big favorite at DressLily! I fell in love as soon as I saw it. And then I'm a Krevette (= shrimp), what's more natural than being accompanied by a crab, ahah?
I was eager and scared to receive my package because it was so beautiful on the website that I didn’t want to be disappointed. And as you see in my photos it’s identical. (Except the black eyes instead of golden ones on the website, but I prefer the black version ^^) The material is very nice, the color is beautiful and it’s not that small inside. This is often the problem with original bags, there is little room to stuff your bazaar. I'm not going to tell you that you can put your A4 binder in it, but I've known worst ^^
I really like its round shape, its funny eyes and the length of the chain. It often look too long on me who am small and I don’t have that impression with the crab.
It proudly sits in the middle of my other atypical bags today and I look forward to shoot a look with it ;-)

This is the kind of accessory that we find everywhere today and that's why I chose it. First because I wanted a choker like this one for a long time now and then to see if the low price was worth it or if I was going to regret it.

The faux leather look is not the most beautiful in the world but it is not ugly so far. The product is simple and well finished. My tiny neck - no surprise - could have used a slightly tighter notch but it is always the case when I buy choker ^^
So when I see some prices in other shops, I think that I'd rather put € 3 at DressLily for a jewel like this one rather than go up to € 15 to finally receive more or less the same.
It's a cute rock’n’roll trendy accessory. I wore it once or twice and I like it a lot.


I really enjoyed discovering DressLily eshop. I'd like to thank them for their trust and this great opportunity.

Of the 4 products I received none disappointed me. My favorite is of course the crab bag that I love for its originality but also its quality, but all the products have respected what the website described. The colors are faithful, the sizes are good. I didn’t have bad surprises. (Besides, everyone wants to steal my ripped sweater xD)

*Crab bag | DressLily
*Choker | DressLily

And you, have you ever bought at DressLily?
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