Nov 16, 2017

Steampunk pirate !

I'm back with a new look! So, it doesn’t really stick to the season because it was shot at the end of September, during the mild weather, and also beaucause I didn’t have time to show it to you sooner. But here it is anyway :-)

You know my love for steampunk now, I suppose ^^
With the many looks that I’ve proposed since the creation of this blog, it wont surprise you to discover a new one then.
But what’s magic about steampunk is that it’s very variable and it can take many different appearances.

This time, I concocted a pirate-inspired look! It was so long that I wanted to create a look like this, I'm happy! :D
I've always loved the visual world of piracy. Besides, I need a tricorn in my closet *crying*

Anyway, this is my steampunk pirate outfit, mostly made by the talented designer My Oppa, whom I like to talk about here.
The bustier, the belt and the skirt come from her shop and the boots are part of my birthday gifts. (I didn’t wait long to shoot them, ahah!)

I let you discover the pictures.

Unfortunately, there is no Jack Sparrow with me, but on the other hand, he would surely have shaded me xD
So we continue with (only) me for the video of the look. Short casting lol.

"Pumkin" wig | Black Candy Fashion Wig (Also seen here)
Corset | My Oppa [Old collection] (Also seen here)
Belt | My Oppa
Skirt | My Oppa [Old collection]
Socks | Aliexpress
Boots | Funtasma
Octopus ring | Regal Rose

I hope this new steampunk inspired look will please you. Feel free to give me your opinion I love it ;-)
On my side I return to hibernate under my plaid with my cats. See you soon !
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