Nov 25, 2017

Silingerie : une croisade de plus vers la lingerie !

Several weeks ago I was contacted by the online store Silingerie. I then had the opportunity to choose two beautiful sets of underwear to test the quality of the products and enrich my drawers already overflowing xD

This shop has existed for 10 years (shame on me for not having discovered it earlier) and the products are made in Poland. In addition to bras and panties you will also find swimsuits, pajamas, negligees and as well as stockings, sexy lingerie and wedding lingerie. In short, what easily fill your cart ^^

So in order to present you this shop I chose two sets in different style. One is quite classic, with a little retro touch. Black and without wire. The other more trendy, with wires and in a yellow hue slightly "lime green" very bold.

I love these two sets! The lace parts are really beautiful, very good qualities. As are the fabrics, very soft to the touch. It's a very beautiful lingerie.
I was delighted to discover my package. Before I even tried them, I was in love with the materials and the seams. Impeccable!
In terms of sizes, no problem. One of the pants is a little tighter but I guess it's related to the cut. I can wear it, it's essential. The bra without wire is super comfortable and gorgeous! A safe bet The second, lime green, is also very comfortable to wear and fits perfectly. (It's my little crush!)

But I let you discover all this in pictures ;-)


We did a different shooting than usual with Mr. Krevette ^^
He was outside, on our terrace and I inside, warm, with the cats. I wanted to test this for a while and I love the result! There's a kind of "voyeur" side, like paparazzi, that I find rather fun.

So if I don’t show the back of the sets it's because of the transparent panties. This is often the case in the back and therefore difficult to show. I invite you anyway to look at these two sets directly on the website of Silingerie for more "classic" photos. I find them very faithful to what I received.
Note: The lime lingerie is very discreet to the eye, it comes out mainly yellow. You will see this color on the website despite the title "black / green" that describe the outfits. But it's pretty fun once in hand :-)

There’s a lot of choice on the website, many different styles and it was difficult to decide. (What finally helped me was the unavailable sizes, ahah!)
Silingerie is a beautiful discovery, I would probably go back to their shop because I find it very good. You can see the detail of the lace on my photos, it's really beautiful!

*Konrad - Sophie bra | Silingerie
*Konrad - Sophie panties | Silingerie

*Konrad - Camille bra | Silingerie
*Konrad - Camille panties | Silingerie

What do you think? Which set is your favorite?

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