Jan 30, 2018

[Crash Test] Herman's Amazing, une marque de coloration Vegan venu du froid

After Manic Panic, Arctic Fox and Lunar Tides, today, is a crash test of the Vegan hair dye brand Herman’s Amazing.

I decided to help out and make an article per month on the blog. One way to have a different point of view and allow Darkrevette to rest up a bit.Moreover, because she has a tendonitis. It's a little difficult for her to manage a blog and create content (drawing, make photos, writing ...), so here I am with the test of the Bloody Mary Nordic hair dye of Herman's Amazing, a bloody orange.

First of all :

You must know that…

+ The color you get on your hair depends on the bleaching you have done beforehand. (Yellow to white)
+ The color reacts according to the nature of the hair itself
+ All semi-permanent hair color (brands) are not equal in terms of quality / pigments
+ Within the same brand, the colors can react differently on your hair (ex: fade more or less quickly)
+ The products you use for your hair can damage the color more or less quickly
+ Use cold water when you wash your hair

You’ll find lots of other tips for your hair colors or bleaching in the “Beauty” tab of the blog (“hair” section) and on my YouTube channel ;-)

Herman's Amazing is a young Finnish brand, product in Netherlands factory. 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free, the brand wants to be ethical and focus on a professional quality. The price is around 12 euros, sighly similar to other Vegan high-quality hair dye brands . You can easily find them. The brand has 28 colors for the moment.

Without artificial fragrance, the haircolor has a creamy appearance like a mayonnaise. The haircolor is pretty grease and probably includes a care inside the formula. It is quite easy to apply, for cons while rinsing, the color disgorges a lot and it may stain your bath or shower, and your towel so use a dedicated specifically for this use. The hair is very oily after coloring, so I find that it is not easy to comb them during drying.

I invite you to watch the video above to follow the steps of coloring and see the color faded away shampoo after shampoo.


As you can see in the video or on this gif, the color is quite pretty, and faithful. More orange than red but it's maybe due to my hair was still blond after bleaching. It's a bit logical that the color comes out orange with red tips. And even if the color loses its intensity to turn yellow, it remains fairly uniform and get into the trending of "yellow banana" colored hair.

For the record, Darkrevette having pain in her right arm, it was I who had to draw the little character. It's not perfect but at least it's still funny.

And you, have you ever tried Herman's Amazing? Do you want to test it in the future?

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