Mar 20, 2018

Steam’pâques !

For the very first time on the blog, we will talk about things that can be eaten! And not just any, we're going to talk about chocolate! : D (Did I already told you that I was very greedy?)

As we approache Easter, it seemed to me to be a good idea to share with you my alternative version of traditional eggs and chocolate bunnies. Stunning pieces of incredible realism on a steampunk theme and 100% edible!
There are of course lots of other chocolates that the ones I will present. Horseshoes, pulls caps, adjustable wrench ... I really advise you to take a look at the site that I will put you in link. If only for the discovery and pleasure of the eyes.

These crazy sculptures were born in England in 2013. The idea would have come from a discussion among men about the difficulty of finding gifts for men. These gentlemen came to a funny and innovative conclusion: "chocolate tools".

This is how the Schokolat brand was born ^^

As for me, a big fan of the Steampunk universe as you know, I bought two products:
a pocket watch and Steam goggles!

I was eager to receive the package to see with my eyes the incredible realism of these chocolate sculptures! And I assure you it's even more impressive when you have them in your hands! The cogs, the screws, the metallic colors ... the trompe l'oeil is perfect!
There is a lot of care and detail in every products. So, as the packaging says so well: "I can not believe it's chocolate!"
I am really amazed. And I'm completely a fan of what I bought.

The only downside is that when you hold these chocolates in your hands, all the golden colors, copper or silver remain on your fingers. (There was metallic colors all over my camera after making these pictures :-/)

About the prices, nothing exorbitant. The pocket watch cost me about 17 € and the steampunk glasses a little more than 19 €. (Take advantage of -20% on the site for Mother's Day)
For the delivery I've waited about 7 to 9 days.

Now, unfortunately, I can't talk to you about a very important thing: the taste! xD
These are my Easter chocolates so it wisely wait to be eaten. But what I can say is that it smells like chocolate and it makes me want to eat it. Although, I admit, I will have a lot of trouble breaking these little wonders!

So to know if they are beautiful AND yummy you'll have to wait. I will tell you everything on my social medias and I would add surely a small note at the end of this article ;-)
In the meantime, if you are looking to offer (or offer yourself) something original you know there is !

What do you think? Bluffed by the original design of these chocolates?

Edit: chocolates are good. It tastes like dark chocolate, slightly bitter but not too much.
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