Jun 5, 2018

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs : ma palette de contouring vegan !

Hello friends! Today I take back the control of the blog with a beauty article. And for me, as you know now, cosmetics necessarily means VEGAN cosmetics ^^

When you know that nowadays you can easily find very good untested on animals products, there is no more excuses not to try those!

Especially when the packaging is as cool and alternative as that of Lunatick Cosmetic Labs. (Yes I'm a bit fed up with hyper girly beauty products, often pink / gold / glittery. it's hopeless...)

And for the first time on the blog, I'm going to talk about a contour palette.

I must say that I got there quite late. I was afraid it was too much or not knowing how to use it. But this palette is really great because it can serve as well for the contour as for eye shadow! So I would not have waste my money anyway :D

As you can see in the picture there are basically two types of hues: browns and pinks. (+ a white, an off-white and a gray)
What is also practical is that each color is detachable from the pallet so it can be replaced. Indeed, you can buy them retail on the website of the brand. Practical and especially economic! (Because there is a chances that you finish some of the colors faster than others) And to complete the inventory, there is also a small built-in mirror.
What I like about this palette is that it is HYPER COMPLETE! There are colors to make the contour, the blush, to make the eyebrows and even the eyes. I hardly need anything else when I do my makeup.
It must be now almost a year that I use it and I could not do without it today.
So the makeup that I show you today is rather natural and sober but you can very well imagine doing something more pigmented or colorfull. I wanted a sweet and simple makeup. (I use a lot of rose / red these times) My contouring is also always discreet, because I do not want to look like a failed coloring book x)

And show you that contouring does not necessarily means exaggerated makeup!

So without doing in the tutorial, because I'm not a pro of makeup myself, here are the colors that I used for this makeup:
Contouring: 1 - Blush: 5 + 8 - Eyebrows: 2 - Eyelid: 7 + 6 - Corner of the eyes: 4.

I use a slightly cold brown for the contouring because I find it better than a warm shade on my porcelain skin. I do not wear tons of it so for those who want a more visible result it is possible to do so. I then apply a gray-brown for my eyebrows because I do not want it to be brown or black. I often had trouble finding what color to put on my brows because it can easily looks weird so I must say that this palette saved my life ^^
Finally I finish the base of my makeup with the blush. As you can read I mix two colors. A rather dark pink in appearance (it looks amazing on the cheeks) and a much clearer pink that I add over the firt one. There too I had a soft hand, you can of course accentuate the blush if you want.
For the eyes I played with the pinks of the palette, especially with this old pink that I love! I put it on the outer part of the eyelid and put the lighter shade in the center. Nothing crazy :-)

For the rest: eyeliner, mascara, highlighter, lipstick and voila!

* * *

As I said above I use this contour palette for almost a year so if you want to see other results just browse the blog. All my make-ups have been done with this base, I really use it every time I make up! Without exception ^^

It is practical, complete, I love its packaging and it is mostly vegan! I really did not find anything negative to say about this contour palette. I highly recommend it.

The brand has recently released a second palette that really look amazing. Same format but different colors. (Some greens and a red) Having not been disappointed with the first I would most likely try it in the future.


And you, do you use contouring for your makeups?
Did you know this vegan brand?

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