Jul 4, 2018

Krevette de Pompadour

We start July with a new look! And this one, I imagined it several months ago, when it wasn't hot enough to go out dressed like that. So I had to be patient before I could shoot what I had in mind, and I'm not hiding from you that waiting isn't my speciality xD

I have always been a huge fan of 17th, 18th century outfits. The Rococo, the Baroque. I would gladly wear these wonderful vintage dresses - albeit cumbersome - for everyday life.
But there is also that part of me that likes to wear things in its own way, so that's what I did with that look.

I borrow from the past and I have fun with the codes!
For example, this "bloomer" which was then an underwear now serves me as "shorts".
I told about my idea to wear this bloomer like that to my physio during one of our sessions (Yes we sometimes talk about fashion between two tortures.Mister Benoit knows about steampunk so I'm lucky to have him ;P), but he told me that it would probably be "vulgar". (I'm a rat!)
So now it's up to you to tell me your opinion about it?

I don't hide the fact that the day of the shooting I attracted a lot of attention, maybe a bit more than usual. A man even asked me if my I was cosplaying x) But personally I felt like a shrimp in the water!

Imagine that I dream of wearing this type of look - a bit like a half-undressed Marie Antoinette - for years! But I didn't have what I needed in my wardrobe.
So today it's done: D And I think it's my favorite look of the year.

I let you discover the beautiful photos taken in front of the basilica Notre Dame d'Esperance in Charleville-Mezieres. (A beautiful building with doors sadly tagged with teenager's bullshits!)

I added a touch of steampunk in this look with the harness (which lights on, if you open your eyes) and shoes. I could also have worn Victorian boots but I wanted to look a bit like an "adventurer" with those. And what about this beautiful corset and this impressive "boat" headdress! I had a lot of fun composing this outfit, really!

Finally as always, you can see all this in motion in my little video ;-)

RQBL headdress | Madame Chocolat
Corset | Corset Story (old collection)
RQBL harness | Crazy In Love (out of stock)
Bloomer | Milanoo
High socks | Aliexpress (also seen here)
Anna Field boots | Zalando

So, are you convinced by Krevette de Pompadour ?

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