Oct 30, 2018

Sourire Halloweenesque !

I'm finally back with my 2018 Halloween makeup! The timing was a little tight before October 31 waiting for my conjunctivitis to heal so I don't hide you that these past few days exhausted me.

This year again I tried to play with liquid latex and I'm still not satisfied with my creation xD I'm still waiting for the perfection that I see in FX certified makeup artists so my requirements are huge ... and far from it reached. But I console myself by saying that it is not so bad to see.

As you will see in the introduction to the video (by the way I had a little trouble opening my mouth normally to talk xD) I had some problems with the copper wire I wanted to pass in the fake scar and give a "stitched" effect. It is so tiny that it's almost invisible unfortunately.

Anyway! The whole process is in the video. I even made the effort to show the products I was using in real time. I hope you like it ^^

Foundation + concealer | Kat Von D
Contour + blush + brows | Lunatik Cosmetic Labs
Eyeshadows | Black Moon Cosmetics (Orb Of Light)
Fake eyelashes | Néejolie
Liquid latex + fake blood | Merhon

Perruque | Lush wig
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