Dec 10, 2018

Le retour du Split Hair !

You've been waiting for it for a few weeks now, here is my new hair color! ;D
I definitely say goodbye to my "Beetle Hair" which was very much enjoyed, much to my surprise, during these 8 months it spent on my head. (Yes, my colors are like entities in their own right lol)

And as you can see, I was again seduced by a split hair. (You can see the first one here) Except that I didn't chose two colors this time, but four! A purple, a blue, a green (which are my 3 favorite hair colors) and a yellow.

I would admit that I was hoping for a more interesting result, more balanced. Each gradient taken separately works well, as well as ribs to ribs, but the four sets are not harmonious enough. That's not to say that I don't like my new hair - I wanted dark shades on the top of the head so they don't fade too fast - but I'm already thinking about improving this split hair.

In the meantime, here is the tutorial video for my new hair style ^^

Purple Haze | Purple
Electric Banana | Yellow

All the colors come from Manic-Panic, vegan products and cruelty free.
The different shades themselves are very pretty. No disappointment on the colors obtained on my hair. (Especially since I had already tested three of them in the past, I didn't take too much risk :P)
On the other hand, and for the first time, I didn't buy the High Voltage versions of the brand but the Amplified (except for the yellow) that are supposed to last longer than the first range I just mentioned. So I will be able to get an idea of the worth of these formulas a bit more concentrated.

Until then, I await your opinion on my new hairstyle with impatience!
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