Feb 19, 2019

Cette année, je passe à Netflix !

After years subscribed to a Canalsat bouquet that was expensive and of wich I did not watch most of the channels offered, I move to Netflix. (In truth I kept a package for OCS channels that broadcast several series that I watch such as The Handmaid's Tale, True Detective or Divorce...)

Obviously - like everyone else - I had already heard about Netflix. But like anything that becomes very popular and polluting on the internet, I preferred to run away. Then, forced by an interactive episode of the Black Mirror series that I watch since its first season, I tested the platform for 1 month for free. I thought to leave it there but I admit that I was seduced by the content and the form of Netflix.

What I like for example are the sessions. Mr. Krevette to his, I have mine and cats even have theirs! xD (no one is jealous lol!)
As I watch a greater quantity and variety of series, it's handy to have my session just for me, through which I can resume reading where I left off. (In fact, the session of Mr. Krevette is for what we watch together ^^) Netflix then takes care of proposing us things according to our previous screenings but honestly it's just everything and anything.
I also like the choice! I did not think there were so many things on this platform. (including movies) I also discovered that they regularly bought series that did not come from Netflix (ended long ago), including things that became cult like Breaking Bad, Desperate Houswifes, Friends, etc ... I only likes the first of this list but these are examples.
To this is added regularly new series that can be seen directly on the main page. It's an effective way to be tempted by a lot of things. And so, I will talk to you and note my first Netflix discoveries that I tested so far :-)

(Premiered in January 2019, 1 season for now – Country of origin : UK)

Premise : « Sex Education follows "a socially awkward high school virgin who lives with his sex therapist mother. He teams up with 'whip-smart bad-girl' Maeve to set up a clinic to deal with their fellow students' weird and wonderful problems. »

My opinion: At first sight the series looks like this kind of big American tv show without interest and already seen a thousand times that does not make you want to press "play", but I had already seen the main actor in Miss Peregrine before and I found him great. (Not to mention Gillian Anderson) So I have been curious. And I do not regret it!
Sex Education is better from episode to episode. The pilot really seduced me as thought I would not necessarily watch the full serie.
It's both very funny and very deep. There is humor all the time but the series has been able to portray interesting characters and with a real story behind. We first face clichés to dig the surface over the series and that's also what makes the thing interesting in my opinion.
The actors are also great in their role. I particularly love Otis and his mother, the duo works perfectly! Gillian is so funny.

YOU : 5/10
(Premiered in December 2018, 1 season for now – Country of origin : USA)

Premise : « The first season follows Joe Goldberg, a bookstore manager, who meets Guinevere Beck, an aspiring writer, and becomes immediately infatuated with. To feed his obsession, he soon turns to social media and technology to track her presence and remove any possible obstacles that stand in the way of their romance. »

My opinion: The cast don't sell dreams from my point of view. A Gossip Girl actor and another from Pretty Little Liars, for me it meant "new commercial stuff without any good background." (Sorry for the fans) And yet I put the average to my surprise.
I am delighted to discover Penn Badgley in another role than the poor lonely boy. He surprised me and I found him credible in this character at once good and completely mad! This is also what I like most in the series. Joseph is the jewel of You. He is complex, intriguing, seductive, kind ... but also completely sick. I loved seeing him evolve over the episodes and the turn of events was well worked although exaggerated at some point.

(Premiered in April 2017, 3 for now – Country of origin : Spain)

Premise : « In 1928, a modern telecommunications company begins to operate in Madrid. The series tells the turn in life that four young women take when they start working for this company. The four of them feel attached in different ways, to their families, their partners, or their memories. Part of the focus of the show is the hardships working women faced in the 1920s. »

My opinion: What pushed me to watch the series was to be able to re-familiarize myself with Spanish. I actually saw it in VOST. I also liked the historical and feminist side that I saw at first glance.
However, I quickly realized that it was a very sentimental series, in a bad way. Too cheesy for my taste. And if it was still watchable on the first 2 seasons, because there was depth to find under the honeyed surface, I found the 3rd totally absurd in some ways! Too theatrical! Too bad…

(Premiered in February 2018, mini serie, 1 season – Country of origin : UK)

Premise : « Assisted by his Major Nathan Bilk, Kip Glaspie, a police captain is charged with investigating the murder of a pizza deliveryman shot dead in the suburbs of London. Investigation that will lead the duo to explore a complex network of characters all related in one way or another to the case. »

My opinion: I got bored to death !! Initially I avoid the police series because it is often without interest, but I am ready to try the experiment from time to time to be able to say to me that I am wrong.
In this case, it only confirms my reluctance. Collateral sells a story that does not take in the first episode. The title says it all, we are supposed to see an event connecting several characters who have no links but I find that it is not at all successful. Many characters and stories are useless, and if we remove them there is nothing left. A short series but almost empty of interest.

3% : Provisional note 6/10
(Premiered in November 2016, 2 seasons for now – Country of origin : Brazil)

Premise : « 3% plunges us into a dystopian society divided into two: on the one hand the rich (3% of the population) and on the other the poor. In order to access the highest stratum, participants will only be allowed one chance, during the year of their 20th birthday, and will be divided into tests. But only 3% of them will come to the end. »

My opinion: I have seen 5 out of 8 episodes for the moment, barely a little over half. So far I find the idea and the atmosphere of the series very interesting. It is well led and arouses my curiosity at each episode. What is good with fiction is that things are less predictable and you have to discover / learn over the episodes, it more easily avoids boredom when it is well done.
I watch it in English dubbing, subtitled French because there is no VF because hearing people speaking in Portuguese is too disturbing for me xD


I pay much cheaper by going to Netflix than my old package at Canalsat and in the end I watch a lot more things and much easier! I am pleased to see the diversity of content and country of origin. I think I had never watched a Brazilian series before and I find it rewarding to be able to test something other than the eternal American or English product.
To finish, I also started the series Ozark this weekend but having only seen the first episode I have nothing to say yet ^^ (I also saw the full Raving Rabbids show, mouahaha!)

Et And you, did you subscribe to Netflix?
Have you watched some of the series I mentioned in this article?

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