Feb 25, 2019

Le challenge des rayures !

This month, my look is my entry for the Oddity Challenge (alternative Francophone gang "Fashion Oddity" on Facebook) of February wich theme is about "stripes". A simple theme because stripes are one of the most basic patterns that exist, and yet...

I found myself in trouble because I had already shot all the stripes clothes that I had. The corset of Krevette In Wonderland (already seen 2 times on the blog by the way), the skirt of Steampunk Pirate and finally the shorts of Beetle Juice. (I have so few stripes in my wardrobe !!)
I did not want to wear something already seen on the blog to take part in this challenge, or doing a make-up instead of an outfit, and it's finally thanks to the sales that I solved my problem ^^

I wanted this little black and white Dracula Clothing dress, with its lolita cut, for years and it was on sale -50% off at Kate's Clothing! A boon. I put it in my personal wishlist (not on the blog - yes I happen to keep things for me, lol xD) and Mr. Krevette surprised me by buying it. He did well because the dress completely disappeared from the website after that!

So you will see a preview of one of my sale purchases. (I'm preparing a video on this topic to show you everything in detail)

We took advantage of the rising temperatures to took the pictures in small isolated streets. I can assure you that I wasn't cold, unlike the look of January, because it was not less than 15°C.
I didn't too much accessorize this look because I wanted it simple but effective. A bit retro, a bit lolita, a bit gothic and both comfortable and elegant.
Besides, what I like the most is the "Bardot cut", bare shoulders, and that neckline in the back! I've always loved that but it's often inconvenient to wear. I was afraid that this will be the problem with this dress, that the small sleeves would't hold and that the top finally keeps falling, but not at all! This dress is HYPER well cut! The elastic waist, the sleeves too, but tight enough to allow a perfect hold. I can move without the dress falling appart. It's magic !

The black belt you see is sold with the dress but ideally I would rather wear a mini underbust, not too thick, to give more shape and mark the waist. Only I had nothing like that in my closets so I wore it with the belt that went with it. Not that it was ugly, it was even a good surprise to see that it was included in the purchase ^^

I let you now see the video of the look with a tiny "grayed" filter for the retro look.

Dracula Clothing Dress + Belt | at Kate’s Clothing (out of stock) – in stock at Dracula Clothing
Scorpio shoes | YRU (Actually on sale!)
Choker | Allpaga (shop closed for the moment)
Gloves | Jour de Fête

What do you think of my participation to the "stripes" Oddity Challenge?

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