Sep 14, 2019

Wishlist anniversaire 2019 : Presque pas à poil !

Every year the pictures of these articles make me laugh and are completely unpredictable! It still gives something crazy, ah ah! x'D Anyway, you'll understand that it's the birthday wishlist time.

[Again, like every year: the photo of the article is a small ritual on the blog. I wear (or hold in my hand) the things of my previous wishlist that I've received hence the mix of styles]

To come back to the subject of this article, I chose things by random, I even sometimes took full outfits. (When it's beautiful it's beautiful ^^) So there is things for all styles and budgets. You will even find color!
In fact I'm not difficult for gifts because there are so many things that I love. So making wishlist is both simple and complicated since I can't put everything I want (It would be endless) :P

Let's goooooo !

High waist long skirt (also in purple and red - I love the 3 colors)

Red dress

High waist skirt (also in blue - I love both)


Steampunk underbust

Corset and train (old creation)

Corset train and hood (old creation)

Raven black top

Ophélia skirt

Bat Lady dress

Blue and gold underbust

Captain steampunk underbust

Sally dress

Cassiopeia cape

Aphrodite skirt

Lennox cape dress

Mongolian inspiration complete outfit

Pirate steampunk complete outfit

If I had to make only one choice I would chose the Etsy shop Wytephantom that I have been following for several years but in which I have never ordered. (Because it's not a small budget, but I think it's worth it!) The items presented may be old collections but the advantage of going through an independent creator is to be able to ask for an old model again.

What are your favorite items? :-)

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