Sep 25, 2019

Dernières lueurs d’été…

We're officially in autumn since this Monday, September 23th, however, I decided to do a bit of resistance by publishing this summer look with warm colors.

Bare back, deep neckline and slits that rise to the top of the thighs; I think I can easily say that this is one of the sexiest dresses I have. Many people would be tempted to say that it's vulgar but when I look at the photos I'm far from seeing that. In my opinion looking vulgar comes (a lot) by the attitude of a person then you can be vulgar even by wearing a ski combination.
So I dared to buy this beautiful burgundy tulle dress from Shein because I knew that I could make it more "rock'n'roll" with the right accessories! (I am also a fanatic of tulle I admit it ^^)
So I would not put a label on this look because I have no idea what it might be similar to. I let you discover that for yourself.

I love taking pictures in the woods. This place in particular was covered with green moss! Like, really everywhere! So the ground was soft beneath our feet, it was a fun feeling ^^ (Did I told you that I love green moss?)
I'll let you finish this article with the video and the list of what I'm wearing ;-)

Dress | Shein
Chest harness | Home made
Callista boots | Killstar

What do you think ? Would you wear this look?

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