Jun 16, 2018

Caturday !

It will be 8 months since I didn't do a nail art, the last one going back to Halloween (You'll find it here) So it was time to give a new try! Seven creations in the space of two years we can't say that it's very productive lol.

I'm never motivated to do a nail art.
First, because I feel very limited in my abilities (and its not at this rate that I will progress) but also because I don't often have ideas that come to my mind.
But since in recent months my life has turned around cats, including the adoption of a kitten this winter, I told myself that this seventh nail art could have no other theme than this one. It seemed obvious to me ^^

So I suggest you today, big black heads cat with footsteps prints.
And as always, very basic shapes and easy to achieve being myself beginner. (I would have liked a better result)

I wanted something simple, graphic, all in black and white. A funny pattern, a bit childish, but also classy and easy to wear.
But you can very well imagine ginger cats, whites cats, or whatever you want! (I'd thought to represent my three cats for a few seconds but between my tricolor Fraizy and my tabby Yoshi I quickly gave up the idea.There only remains my all in black Titi :D Long live to black cats !)

As always I made you a video of my nail art but it's far from being a tutorial. It's just in case you'd like to see the different steps of my creation.

What do you think?

Would you wear this nail art on your nails?

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