Aug 17, 2019

Un été steampunk au 19e siècle…

Mr. Krevette's holidays are already ending and I am here again after a much needed break! (Sometimes I'm not motivated anymore and I do not want to force myself to post here just to post, it would lose its charm)

Anyway. I'm here with a brand new look that has a particularity: the photo editing was done by myself ^^ (Until now I left this step to Mr. Krevette because he masters better this exercise than I do, but I started to practice on Lightroom and I like it) So I hope you like the result.

About the style I suggest you a summer outfit inspired nightcloths of the 19th century with a touch of steampunk! A mix that I love. I like to divert things around and I have a passion for Victorian nightgowns. (Do not ask me why, it's like that xD)
I wanted a light, fluid and comfortable outfit to wear in hot weather. And to add a bit of customization I wear my steampunk garter on the arm and I folded my boots on themselves so that it is lower ;P

About the place, we went back to my favorite place where we had shot the "modern mermaid" look back in 2017! It is in the middle of nowhere, you also nedd to walk a little to get there, but once there you have the opportunity to create several different atmospheres.
The only downside this time was to have met a couple who was walking his dog, and whose man - a bit exhibitionist - suddenly decided to take off his pants and get into one of the ponds you can see in the photos . While staring us taking our photos ... so we went few steps away from them xD

Anyway, I let you look at this new look.

We didn't take photos of the details (because we forgot) so I invite you to watch the video for that xD You will better see the lace for example. (We were distracted by the giants dragonflies around us)

Aviator hat and harness belt | RQBL at Steampunk Story
Nightgown "dress" and robe | Aliexpress
Boots | Anna Field at Zalando
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