Feb 6, 2019

Black Moon Cosmetics : Orb Of Light palette

Without transition, we go from Mr Krevette's DIY to Blackmoon Cosmetics's vegan and cruelty free eyes shadows! A brand that I love and whom I have already spoken to you several times on the blog. (The last article here)

Until today, I only spoke to you about their gram of lipstick because that's how the brand started its shop but after several years of existence they have diversified their products by creating eye shadows.
So this is the very first Blackmoon Cosmetics palette. It contains basic nudes (beige, rosé, browns) as well as more autumnal and vivid colors (ocher, orange and red) completed with a black. All in all, all good basic for a person who likes makeup.

You can very easily make everyday makeups, rather discreet, but also more pronounced and rock'n'roll things with black and red. This is also what I like in the range of colors that make up this palette.

I have it for several months now and I have used it regularly. Sometimes, as you can see, for my looks posted on the blog. It served me especially for small "special effects". I find it very easy to use, the makeup is intense but you can work slowly, little by little. Me who still have trouble making makeup as beautiful as I would like I think that this palette is very suitable for doing beautiful things and practice with it. Not that the pros can not find in it what to have fun - quite the contrary - but I think it is easier to handle and more complementary than others palettes.
The nude (beige) shade is for example perfect to fade dark shades on my skin. It is a color that I do not always have in my palettes whereas it is essential!

*Makeups realised with the Orb Of Litght palette

The only downside for me is the red a bit too dark. It is rather bordeaux. I would have preferred a real bloody red because next to the orange and ocher this one looks dull I think.

Last point: its price. It is 41.97 € (or 48$), which is a bit expensive for a palette of 8 shades.

And as always, Blackmoon Cosmetics has an eye for detail in the aesthetics of its products. The lunar theme is very well exploited again with the Orb Of Light half moon palette when closed, and full moon when open. Totally black with a holographic inscription on the top. (I forgot to take a picture of it, sorry) Personally I love when the design is dark and not too girly ^^
In short, it is a product that I recommend. The vegan brand has always pleased me for its ethics and the quality of what it offers.

Do you have this palette or another product from Blackmoon Cosmetics?

Black Moon Cosmetics | Orb Of Light palette
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