Jan 4, 2019

Rétrospective : Mes looks de 2018

Hello everyone ! To beggin this article, I wish you a very happy new year 2019. I hope it will be better than the previous one for all of us and that we will continue to spend it together ;-) (I think I say that every year lol)

As usual since the creation of this blog, I start the new year with my "Best Of" of the looks of the previous year. (So many "of", sorry!) A good way for me to know what you liked most (since my styles are very variable) and also a nice way to remember the last year we spent together.

But before that, here is the favorite look of 2017: Krevette In Wonderland

The result did not surprise me at all, but it's funny to see that each year the winning look has a very different style from the previous one. This means that my readers are people who have a good open mind, and it's nice ^^

In 2018 I shot 14 outfits, which is my record since the opening of the blog. (1 less last year) I did not have the opportunity to make a 15th look for December having been sick a good part of the month and I regret it very much. (15 is my number!)
Anyway. You will notice again that my looks have been varied in their style. I admit that I have a hard time choosing a single outfit myself but I count on you to be more effective than me xD

Here is a summary to help you. You just have to click to see the photos of the looks corresponding to the titles. (Or go to the "fashion" menu of the blog, "lookbook" section)

So, what's your favorite of 2018? :-)


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